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Should You Have Your HVAC Cleaned and Sealed?

Should You Have Your HVAC Cleaned and Sealed?
Your HVAC system has a huge impact on your indoor environment. The first clue you need it cleaned and sealed is that your temperature or humidity levels are less than ideal. Here are a few specific warning signs to look for in addition to general discomfort.
Racking Up Bills
If your bills go sky high during periods of extreme cold or heat, you might have a problem with your HVAC efficiency. If you keep bills from previous years, try checking them out to see if the costs are increasing. Make sure to look at how cold or hot those times were as well. It may take a little research, but it's a great way of telling if you need a rehab or an upgrade.
Twists and Turns
Ductwork has to turn and twist, but there's a problem if it looks like a tangled mess. The same goes for kinks and pinches that reduce airflow. Get this kind of thing looked at as soon as possible.
Ducts work best when they run through insulated parts of a structure. If you have anything running through a crawlspace or a garage, you will be better off with having some work done to increase the effectiveness of your system. There are many other things to look for, so contact Kleen Air Heating & Air Conditioning if you're thinking you could use some more comfort and efficiency.