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The Benefits of Having Your Home's Ducts Professionally Cleaned

You have your carpets professionally cleaned every year, have an expert power wash your home's exterior, and even take your car to a car wash to have it cleaned. These chores, though not needed often, are still necessary to help you live a more fulfilled and organized life.
If you have a heating and cooling system that operates via blowing temperature-controlled air through vents in your floors, walls, or ceiling, then you need to have these areas professionally cleaned periodically as well.
Discover the benefits in having this often-ignored home maintenance task professionally done. You will also learn how many times a year you should have your ducts and vents cleaned and signs they need to be inspected between regular cleanings.

Allergy Reduction

As debris gets trapped in your HVAC system, dust, hair and other allergens can get transferred into the air every time you turn the heat or cool air on. If you live with small children or elderly people who suffer from asthma or allergies, have your ducts cleaned to ensure their health, especially if you have pets.
Have your dryer and other vents cleaned at the same time you have your air ducts attended to. While your dryer will be less likely to accumulate hair and dander than your air ducts, performing a cleaning service on all air passageways in your home can help keep allergies at bay. If you keep your dryer vent clean, you’ll help it operate more efficiently by allowing heat to escape the unit.

Equipment Protection

Almost all malfunctions in an HVAC system can be traced back to dirt or other debris in the air ducts. Protect the mechanisms of your HVAC system so it lasts longer and performs more efficiently by hiring a professional to clean your system.
If you notice dust billowing from your air ducts when the air is running or smell a musty, wet dirt smell coming from your vents, call your HVAC specialist right away. This task is not time-consuming and can save you on costly repairs in the future. Clean your dryer vent at the same time to help the equipment last longer by letting the heating coils work as they are intended to.

Illness Prevention

Most illnesses are contained inside buildings, including your home, and since you spend a lot of time in the house, your air ducts can actually contribute to making you and your family sick. While most viruses and bacteria won't live for very long without a host, germs and viruses can still be spread via your air ducts.
Talk to your HVAC specialist about having your air ducts professionally cleaned during the height of flu season and how often a year you should have the system looked at.
In some cases, it's best to have your HVAC system fully inspected and cleaned once a year or so. If you notice family members becoming ill, your air quality is dirty, or you see hair and debris floating in the air when your system is on, call for a professional cleaning now.
Your HVAC specialist will address all the air ducts and vents in your home while attending to your entire heating and cooling unit as well for cleaning and maintenance. When you keep your air ducts in clean condition, you help preserve air quality in your home and keep your family safe.
A certified HVAC specialist can help you achieve cleaner air in the home with duct and vent cleaning services. Call our team of specialists at KLEEN AIR today for an estimate for cleaning your home's HVAC system. We’re ready to help you.