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Maintenance Checklist

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A/C maintenance checklist:
  1. Check thermostat for calibration and level
  2. Check Air filters
  3. Check disconnect and fuses
  4. Check contactors and relays
  5. Check start kits and transformers
  6. Check capacitors for UF and swelling
  7. Check safeties for integrity
  8. Check outdoor motor and compressor
  9. Check Freon levels
  10. Monitor air temperatures
  11. Inspect condenser coil
  12. Check blower motor and evaporator coil
  13. Blow out condensate drain
  14. Check for dirt in outside unit
  15. Record superheat and subcooling
  16. Properly oil all moving parts and motors where required
  17. Check and adjust all belts for proper tension
  18. Check drain pan for leaks
  19. Check for loose wiring
  20. Check for rust
  21. Recalled equipment check
  22. Check ductwork and registers for leakage
Heater maintenance checklist:
  1. Check gas burners for proper mixtures
  2. Check thermostat for proper operation and level
  3. Gas valve pressure check
  4. Check heat exchangers for rust and cracks
  5. Check heat strips
  6. Check safeties for integrity
  7. Check inducer motor
  8. Check air filters
  9. Check blower motor
  10. Check transformers
  11. Check circuit boards and electrical systems
  12. Check capacitors for UF and swelling
  13. Check air temperatures
  14. Check ignitor and hot surface ignitor
  15. Check pilot
  16. Check thermocouple
  17. Check disconnect and fuses
  18. Check contactors and relays
  19. Check Freon levels (for heat pumps)
  20. Check outside unit
  21. Properly oil all moving parts and motors where required
  22. Check for gas leaks
  23. Check for loose wiring
Maintenance Checklist | Kleen Air | Sacramento, California